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With its plethora of six-foot-one models, growing music scene and excess leisure time, Moscow has become a hub for high-end nightclubs. Krysha means roof, as in the roof of a building and the "roof" one pays a mobster for protection and has the best atmosphere. If you can get past the face control, or bouncers, you'll have a wonderful time on the top-floor deck enveloped by supernatural blondinki, electronic music and the occasional fire-breathing dancer. Views of the Moscow River, the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel and the White House, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin runs the country, abound. The best way in is to make friends with a Russian who knows his way around this scene. Flashing a U.S. passport would have sufficed five or ten years ago. Not anymore.

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Duhov at Krysha Mira Gastronomic Pleasures Episode #15.07.01


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